The goal of the FSS program at PBCHA is to eliminate the barriers that prevent clients from reaching independence from subsidy. 

Once enrolled in the FSS program, a family works closely with an FSS Coordinator to develop an Individual Training and Service Plan (ITSP). The ITSP will contain the goals the family wants to achieve, such as:

  • Traning for a job
  • Going to college
  • Getting off welfare
  • Starting a business
  • Buying a house

When the family's rent increases as their earned income rises, a protion of that increase is depsoisted into an escrow account. As the earned income increases, the savigns will grow in the account. When the Contract of Participation is successfully completed, the money in the escrow account is paid to the head of household. (Various factors affect escrow credit).

Although the FSS escrow account is established under the head of household’s name, any member of the household over the age of 18 can develop an Individual Training and Service Plan.  

Requirements of the FSS Program:

  • Must be a participant of the PBCHA HCV or PH program
  • Must attend an Orientation and complete a Needs Assessment
  • Must be willing to sign a 5-Year Contract of Participation
  • Must be willing to establish goals and actively pursue them
  • Must be willing to attend mandatory classes as directed
  • Must be willing to seek and maintain full-time employment

Head of Household Must:

  • Seek and maintain suitable full-time employment

Head of Household and All Family Members Who Execute an Individual Training and Service Plan (ITSP) Must:

  • Complete the activities within the dates listed in each ITSP
  • Provide PBCHA and HUD with information about the family’s participation in the FSS program in order to help evaluate the program

All Family Members Must:

  • Comply with the family obligations under the HCV and PH program
  • If receiving welfare assistance, become independent of welfare assistance and remain independent for at least 12 consecutive months before the contract expires.