The Palm Beach County Housing Authority is committed to protecting the integrity of the Housing Programs it administers As such, PBCHA encourages the public to report any fraudulent activity related to PBCHA’s Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher programs.

What is Fraud?

Fraud involves false statements, omissions, or actions made with the intent to deceive or mislead, resulting in funds being misused or Housing Program rules violated or circumvented.

Examples of fraud committed by residents or participants include:

  • Not reporting income or total amount of income
  • Subletting the subsidized apartment/home
  • Allowing unauthorized persons to live in the apartment/home
  • Having a voucher issued by PBCHA while receiving rental assistance from another agency (HVC)

Examples of fraud committed by Landlords (HCV only) include: 

  • Offering bribes to PBCHA employees or PBCHA subcontractors
  • Accepting HAPs (Housing Assistance Payments) for property one does not own or legally represent
  • Accepting HAPs (Housing Assistance Payments) for vacant apartment/homes
  • Requesting rent payments from tenants in excess of the amount stated on the lease
  • Renting to relatives without prior approval from PBCHA

Examples of fraud committed by a PBCHA employee include:

  • Omitting known income from a re-examination in order to provide lower rent to a friend, relative, participant or resident.
  • Turning in a completed inspection report without actually inspecting the apartment/home (HCV only)
  • Receiving money from a Landlord, Applicant, Voucher Holder, or Resident for performing any task related to a Housing Program.

How do I report Fraud?

If you have any reason to believe that fraudulent activity is taking place in connection with PBCHA’s Housing Programs, please complete the fraud report form or mail written allegations to:

Palm Beach County Housing Authority
Attn: Fraud/Compliance
3432 West 45th Street
West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Please provide as much information as possible, and be specific about the alleged problem, including the person(s) you suspect of committing fraud, where they live, and when the alleged incident occurred. You may also send fraud information to The information you provide to PBCHA will remain strictly confidential. We appreciate your support in this matter.