The Inspection Department at PBCHA ensures that all units subsidized under the Housing Choice Program meet the minimum standards of the Housing Quality Standards (HQS). To ensure HUD compliance, the Inspector must conduct the initial inspection of a unit prior to a tenant moving in.

Each unit rented to a Housing Choice Voucher holder must pass a Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection (24 CFR 982.401). 

Type of Inspections

New Move (Initial) Inspection: An initial inspection is scheduled after a signed RFTA (Request for Tenancy Approval) packet is received.* The Inspection Department will contact the Property Owner to schedule the inspection. If the Property Owner is unable to schedule the appointment after two attempts have been made by the Inspection Department, the RFTA will be cancelled, and the participant will receive new moving papers. The initial inspection can only be scheduled between the Landlord and PBCHA, but tenants are welcome to attend the inspection.

PBCHA notifies Landlords of any deficiencies within 24-48 hours after the initial inspection. The Landlord must address the issues, and contact PBCHA within 10 business days from the date of the failed inspection to schedule a re-inspection. If a re-inspection is not scheduled within the allotted time, the process will terminate, and PBCHA will issue participant new moving papers.

Annual Inspections: PBCHA will notify the participant of the annual inspection appointment via U.S. mail. An adult household member must be present during the annual inspection. If an adult cannot be present during the inspection, the participant can reschedule the inspection for up to seven days from the original appointment. PBCHA will automatically schedule a new appointment if an adult member of the household fails to attend the scheduled or rescheduled appointment. If an adult representative of the household, approved by PBCHA,fails to attend two scheduled inspections the participant family will be considered to be in violation of the Family Obligations and the termination process will begin.

If the unit fails an inspection,  the Landlord and/or participant must make the necessary repairs within 10 business days. If the necessary repairs are not done within the time allotted, and the Landlord is responsible for the repairs, the Housing Assistance Payment will be withheld until the unit passes inspection. If the participant is responsible for the repairs, PBCHA will begin the termination process. (Note: For failed inspections due to utilities turned off, participants have 24 hours to show proof of reinstatement).

Re-Inspections: PBCHA conducts re-inspections to ensure HQS repairs have been done. The Landlord must notify PBCHA of repairs that have been completed when the repairs are the Landlord’s responsibility. HAP will be withheld if repairs and re-inspection have not been completed within 10 business days. If repairs are the responsibility of the participant, and are not completed during allotted time, PBCHA will begin the termination process. If the unit is not accessible to PBCHA in order to perform the re-inspection, it will be considered a violation of the Family Obligations and the termination process will begin. The Landlord or landlord representative must always participate in re-inspections.

Complaint Inspections: Complaint inspections will be scheduled according to the Inspection Department’s availability, and the urgency of the complaint. PBCHA encourages Landlords to be present during a complaint inspection.


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