Published: August 15, 2016   Published by: Palm Beach County Housing Authority

The Palm Beach County Housing Authority (PBCHA) has announced the appointment of E. Lesleigh Varner, Esq. as Deputy Executive Director of PBCHA, effective immediately.

“Her first name is Estelle, which means bright and morning star,” said Mr. Johnson. “Ever since Ms. Varner started working on behalf of PBCHA as its General Counsel, her efforts and service have certainly lived up the meaning of her name. Ms. Varner has been instrumental in assuring PBCHA’s legal and regulatory requirements have all been continuously satisfied. I welcome Ms. Varner to this new beginning in her career as my Deputy. She was unanimously confirmed by the Board of Commissioners to fulfill this role. We look forward to a very ‘bright’ future, because Ms. Varner has joined our team.”

While owner and co-director at Cheesman & Varner, P.A., Ms. Varner served as General Counsel for the Palm Beach County Housing Authority, before permanently joining PBCHA’s executive team in December 2015. Ms. Varner has over 7 years experience in subsidized housing programs, consumer law, Fair Housing, and landlord and tenant dispute. She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Florida Atlantic University.

“My gratitude is unending,” said Lesleigh Varner. “I am exceptionally privileged to be a part of Mr. Johnson’s vision to cultivate the Palm Beach County Housing Authority into a preeminent housing provider by utilizing inventive approaches to broaden our position and experience as a public housing authority; with a goal in mind to increase housing opportunities for low-income families and develop innovative strategies to assist our clients to become self-sufficient.”

PBCHA provides affordable housing to low-income families through the administration of Public Housing, the Housing Choice Voucher program, and Community Development Block Grant programs. PBCHA is currently engaged in multi-year redevelopment projects throughout the county, to expand affordable housing opportunities for families in Palm Beach County. For more information about PBCHA, visit


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