The success of the Housing Choice Voucher program lies on the development of a good working relationship between PBCHA and property owners, and managers who contract with PBCHA to provide housing for program participants.

Why Become a Housing Choice Voucher Landlord?

HCV landlords not only get the satisfaction of giving low-income families the chance to enjoy decent, safe,and sanitary housing, they also enjoy many benefits which make HCV a great opportunity for many property owners. Some of the benefits include:

  • PBCHA performs yearly inspections of the unit
  • Rents are based on Fair Market rental rates
  • Payments are on time every month
  • Tenant Fraud investigations

Have a Prospective Tenant?

  • Ask the prospective tenant for a “Request for Tenancy Approval” or RFTA

  • Fill out the RFTA form and submit it to PBCHA with copies of all the required documentation via email at 

  • A Housing Quality Standards Inspection will be scheduled for the unit to be rented to verify the unit is decent, safe and meets HUD and PBCHA standards. If any items fail during inspection, subsidy will not begin until unit meets HQS requirements. (No retroactive payments will be made).

  • In addition to the unit passing the required inspection, it must also pass a Rent Reasonableness Test. This will determine the amount of rent appropriate for the unit. (See Rent & Payments)

  • Once the unit passes inspection and the Rent Reasonableness Test is complete, you and the tenant can sign the lease, and you will also sign a Housing Assistance Payments contract (HAP) with PBCHA. The HAP contract specifies the amount of rent paid directly to the landlord by PBCHA, and the date the HAP payments begin.

  • Do not issue a lease until an HQS inspection has been done, and the Rent Reasonableness Test has been completed. Do not submit a copy of the lease with the RFTA.


Useful Resources


Listing Your Property

Landlords can list their property by going online to Participants will be able to see your property by doing a search online. ( is not owned or operated by PBCHA). 

 Having an Issue? Submit a Complaint Form.