One of the great benefits of the Housing Choice Voucher Program is that rental assistance is portable, which means participants can move to another city, county or state across the country, with continued assistance.

  • Portability gives participant families a real choice as to where they live, as long as there is a housing authority that has a Housing Choice Voucher Program in the selected area.
  • Participants wishing to port to another area must give PBCHA and their landlord a written 60-day notice. They must also provide PBCHA with the name, address, and phone number of the housing authority they are porting to. If transferring from PBCHA, participants must contact their assigned Housing Specialist to determine if they are eligible for transfer.
  • If transferring to PBCHA, participants must contact their housing authority to determine eligibility and to request their current HA contact PBCHA.

Did You Know?

  • Transfers may require re-verification of household income, family composition, and criminal background check
  • The size of the voucher may change, if the new housing authority issues a new voucher
  • Each housing authority has its own policies and procedures
  • Payment standards and utility allowances differ from one housing authority to another
  • The amount of rent paid by the participant may differ from one are to the next
  • Portability of your voucher is contingent on acceptance by the receiving Housing Authority


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