Audit Services (AWARDED)

Audit Services Ad FY2017-AS-001

Audit Serivices Amendment to Ad for FY2017-AS-001

Audit Services RFP FY2017-AS-001

Audit Services Amendment 1 RFP FY2017-AS-001

Audit Services Pre-Submission Meeting Agenda FY2017-AS-001

Audit Services Pre-Submission Meeting Sign-in Sheet FY2017-AS-001

Audit Services Q & A FY2017-AS-001

Audit Services Amendment 2 RFP FY2017-AS-001

Audit Services Announcement of Award FY2017-AS-001


Pest Control (AWARDED)

Pest Control Services Ad FY2017-MNT-001

Pest Control Services RFP FY2017-MNT-001

Pest Control Services Q & A RFP FY2017-MNT-001

Pest Control Services Amendment 1 RFP FY2017-MNT-001 

Pest Control Services Proposal Opening RFP FY2017-MNT-001

Pest Control Amendment 2 RFP FY2017-MNT-001

Pest Control Bid Tabulation RFP FY2017-MNT-001


Information Technology (CANCELLED)

 Information Technology Services Ad FY2017-IT-001

Information Technology Services RFP FY2017-IT-001

Information Technology Services Pre-Submission Meeting Agenda FY2017-IT-001

Information Technology Services Pre-Submission Meeting Sign-in Sheet FY2017-IT-001

Information Technology Services Q & A RFP FY2017-IT-001

Information Technology Services Proposal Opening RFP FY2017-IT-001

Information Technology Services Amendment 1 RFP FY2017-IT-001

Information Technology Services Notice of Cancellation

Forensic Financial Audit (AWARDED)

Ad for FY2017-FA-001

RFP for FY2017-FA-001

Amended RFP for FY2017-FA-001

Amendment 1 for RFP FY2017-FA-001

Attachment 1 for RFP FY2017-FA-001

Pre-submission Conference Sign-in

Q&A for RFP FY2017-FA-001

Proposal Opening Form for FY2017-FA-001

Award Table for RFP FY2017-FA-001

Real Estate Development Legal Services (CANCELLED)

Ad for RFP FY2017-LS-001

RFP FY2017-LS-001

RFP FY2017-LS-001 Fee Proposal & Costs Form

RFP FY2017-LS-001 (Addendum 1)

RFP FY2017-LS-001 Bid Tabulation

RFP FY2017-LS-001 Final Evaluation Score

RFP FY2017-LS-001 Notice of Cancellation


Dyson Circle Re-Roof Project (AWARDED)

ITB FY2017-CON-001


Professional Landscaping Services (AWARDED)

Ad for IFB FY2016-MNT-001

IFB FY2016-MNT-001

Pre-Submission Meeting Sign-in Sheet

IFB FY2016-MNT-001 (Addendum 1)

IFB FY2016-MNT-001 Bid Tabulation


Lawn Care and Maintenance (CANCELLED)

Ad for IFB FY2016-MNT-001

Amended Ad for IFB FY2016-MNT-001

IFB FY2016-MNT-001 Cancellation Notice 


Real Estate Development Services-Drexel House (AWARDED)

Ad for RFP FY2015-DEV-001

RFP FY2015-DEV-001

RFP FY2015-DEV-001 Award Table


Audit Services (AWARDED)

Ad for RFP FY2015-AS-001

RFP FY2015-AS-001

RFP FY2015-AS-001 Q & A 

RFP FY2015-AS-001 (Addendum 1)

RFP FY2015-AS-001 Score Sheet

RFP FY2015-AS-001 (Addendum 2)

RFP FY2015-AS-001 (Addendum 3)

RFP FY2015-AS-001 Award Table


Dyson Circle Apartments Stair Repairs (AWARDED)

Stair Repair Sealed Bid Ad

Stair Repair Bid Tabulation

Stair Repair Notice of Intent


Tree Trimming and Vegetation Removal (AWARDED)

Tree Trimming and Vegetation Removal 


Rehabilitation for Banyan Club Apartments


Ad for ITB Bid BAN-A-1

ITB BAN-A-1 (Addendum 1)

ITB BAN-A-1 (Addendum 2)

ITB BAN-A-1 Bid Tabulation



Ad for ITB BAN-A-2

ITB BAN-A-2 (Addendum 1)

ITB BAN-A-2 (Addendum 2)

ITB BAN-A-2 Bid Tabulation



Ad for ITB BAN-B

ITB BAN-B (Addendum 1)

ITB BAN-B (Addendum 2)

ITB BAN-B Bid Tabulation



Ad for ITB BAN-D

ITB BAN-D (Addendum 1)

ITB BAN-D (Addendum 2)

ITB BAN-D Bid Tabulation


ITB Pre-Bid Meeting Sign-in Sheet

Pavement Thickness Measurement Summary (UES) 

Supplemental Sketch- (SK1) 

Supplemental Sketch- WH Closet Repair Block


Janitorial Services for Drexel House Apartments (AWARDED)

RFP FY2014-PH-001

RFP FY2014-PH-001 Award Table


Capital Project Program Architect (AWARDED)

RFP FY2014-CFP-001

RFP FY2014-CFP-001 Award Table


Commercial Banking (AWARDED)

RFP FY2014-FIN-001

RFP FY2014-FIN-001 (Addendum 1)

RFP FY2014-FIN-001 (Addendum 2)

RFP FY2014-FIN-001 (Addendum 3)

RFP FY2014-FIN-001 (Addendum 4)

Pre-submission Meeting Sign In Sheet

RFP FY2014-FIN-001  Q&A


Pest Control (AWARDED)

RFP FY2014-MNT-001

Pre-Submission Meeting Sign-In Sheet

RFP FY2014-MNT-001 Q&A

RFP FY2014-MNT-001 (Addendum 1)

RFP FY2014-MNT-001 (Addendum 2)

RFP FY2014-MNT-001 (Addendum 3)


Insurance Property Coverage; Broiler & Machinery and Inland Marine (AWARDED)

Ad for RFP FY2014-BFC-001

RFP FY2014-BFC-001

RFP FY2014-BFC-001 Forms


Residential Rehabilitation, South Bay Villas Apts, Bldg #1 and #3 (AWARDED)

ITB SBV-2013-CON-001A

Bid Opening Sign In Sheet

ITB SBV-2013-CON 001A Notice of Award